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In Life on April 13, 2007 at 8:05 pm
i’m twenty-six now. doesn’t feel much different from twenty-five (which didn’t feel much different from twenty-four, except that i could finally rent a car). i’m suddenly a new age, a new bracket on most forms (26-33, instead of 19-25), and officially closer to 30 than 20. my brother tried to convince me i’m now in my “upper twenties”, but i quickly reminded him he’s in his “lower thirties” and he shut up.

i’ve managed to stretch my birthday across the whole week again. like last year, i’ve celebrated on four nights already, and probably another one or two this weekend. hopefully i’ll do less throwing up than last year…

thank you to all my friends who texted me on my birthday.
thank you to amy for forgetting to hit send, and texting me the day after.
thank you to kendra for waking me up on tuesday so she could be the first.
thank you to cecilia for cheating and telling me a day early.
thank you to everyone who commented or sent a message.
thank you to everyone who wrote on my wall (it’s not my fault some of my friends are only on facebook).
thank you to mom for giving me money (to be promptly wasted on an xbox 360).
thank you to adam for making me his mannequin by buying me clothes that i might not have bought for myself.
thank you to anna for having her birthday so close to mine, i didn’t have to throw my own party.
thank you to matt for leaving town for the week so i could walk around naked if i felt like it.
thank you to kelly for waiting until wednesday to tell me happy birthday, and doing it on purpose.
thank you to SMU for having an alumni event on my birthday so i could have free drinks and meet cool people.
thank you to rene for having drinks with my SMUT friends on saturday.
thank you to michele for wanting to have a drink tonight, too.
thank you to hutch for remembering to call me, even though i forgot to call him.
and thank you to all my friends, whether you remembered or nor, just for being my friend in the first place.

i love you all. i’m a very lucky man to know you all, even if i never see you.

take care, and have a great weekend. i know i will.

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