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Lost 03/28/07

In Entertainment, TV on March 29, 2007 at 4:14 pm
i’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts on last night’s episode. it was a strange episode, one that tried to shake things up a bit, like when the X-Files used to do the funny episodes, like “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” or “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space'”, although executed with less skill.i enjoyed the trickery employed with flashbacks from “dead” people. part of me wishes that they would have been actually dead, not paralyzed, because that would set an interesting precedent of what they can now do with flashbacks. i’m not saying that it wouldn’t have annoyed me a little if they allowed us to look into dead people’s pasts, but it definitely would have changed the way that they can tell stories.

i also enjoyed that the show was essentially a whodunit? a very simple one, but a whodunit, nonetheless.

the thing that simultaneously pissed off and pleased me was the planning that went into the episode. it’s obvious that the producers have been planning on doing SOMETHING with these two since they popped up at the beginning of the season: Paulo using the bathroom in the Pearl was too random an occurance for it not to have been part of their plan to have him hiding something in there (dear god, i hope).

however, they also went to a lot of effort to make it look like Nikki and Paulo had been there all along, cruising around on the sidelines, not getting involved because they were looking for their bag. i’m sorry, but they weren’t. i’m all for them introducing new characters (otherwise it’s kinda hard to keep the show going, since they keep killing people), but i’d much rather they delved into Desmonde’s ex-fiance who’s searching for him or Juliet, Ben and Tom. they killed / captured all the tailies, so they should really focus with what they already have on their plates, instead of continuing to introduce the expendable day-players so they can kill them (or bury them alive). they kill off too many Artz Nikki and Paulos, and they’re gonna turn into Star Trek.

now the most important question: are they dead? dear god i hope so. so clumsily introduced, so abruptly made “important”, i want them to go away so i can get the bad taste out of my mouth. unless they have very grand plans for the two of them, like figuring our how to defeat the Others and get off the island, i’m going to be very mad if i see them crawling out of the sand like a couple of sexy zombies next week. (sadly, they’re both already listed on IMDB as being in next week’s episode, so i’m betting they’ll show back up 30 seconds before the credits roll)

the episode as a whole was about as frustrating to me as “The Other 48 Days” was. in my opinion, if it takes 24 episodes to tell you what happened on one side of the island, then it isn’t very smart to try and cram what happened on the OTHER side of the island into a single episode. the same thing goes for these two: there was just TOO MUCH ground to cover in that one sitting. if you have more than one flashback per act (the space between each commercial break), then you have too many flashbacks. any thing going on in the present seems too slow and stilted, anything in the past feels too rushed. it’s a lose / lose situation, man.

ultimately, i think that the show is moving in a good direction: they’re trying new things, working out kinks, and spacing out the focus so that they don’t burn out any of the plot lines. however, having just been picked up for a fourth season, they need to make a decision about when this thing is going to end, and whether or not they have enough ideas to get there. supposedly, ABC agreed to an end date for the series. let’s hope it’s not set for May of 2010.

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