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In Life, Politics on February 21, 2007 at 8:05 am
i’ve been putting off changing my voter registration ever since i moved to new york. there isn’t any real GOOD reason why, just several mediocre reasons: a blue vote in texas is a good vote (although when i forget to vote in every election except the presidential, that reason is kind of moot); there are plenty of blue votes in new york already (again, that doesn’t really matter if i don’t VOTE); and often, the same lists that are kept by the voters registar and the Department of Public Safety (the DMV, for you non-texans) are the same lists that are used to issue jury duty summons (i still periodically receive summons in dallas, so that one seems to be valid for the time being).however, after reading this bulletin i received from my high school alumni association, i feel like some good might have come out of my procrastination.

Zac Crain is an alum of the Arts Magnet High School in dallas. he has been running a grass roots campaign for mayor of dallas, a city that sorely needs a change in its leadership. he was a writer for the dallas observer, dallas’ alternative newspaper, and is now working as a magazine editor. i know, not much to go on poitics wise, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere. (dallas’ current mayor was also a writer for the observer, but we’ll not talk about her. most of the people i know never say her name by itself – it’s usually prefaced by some profanity, e.g. “fucking Laura Miller”)

it seems to me that, if nothing else, Zac Crain will bring a young (he’s 32), community and arts oriented view to the mayor’s office, and that should earn him a spot on the ballot. if you live in dallas, please take a moment to volunteer, contribute, or sign a petition.

dammit, texas was blue at one point in time – let’s see if we can’t erase some of the embarassment the bush boys had given us.


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