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In Life on January 19, 2007 at 8:55 am
after numerous challenges and many a cold night, we have finally secured a new apartment. our adventures in Harlem are finally coming to an end, and after a long period of debate, we are picking up stakes this week and moving to Inwood (north Manhatten, and by north i mean NORTH: 204th st.).

it took some convincing: my roommate is not a fan of long commutes, but when he considered that he is now working from home, plus the fact that we have been living in a closet-sized apartment which has no heat (it’s fucking cold in that place. if you know matt and his musical reportoire, i’m talkin’ “It Was Cold Last Night” cold, and just as long, too), i eventually sold him on the place. not only is it very warm right now (you gotta love buildings where radiators heat them – we’re gonna have to open the windows during the winter to keep cool), but it’s also fucking huge: the living room is almost as big as our ENTIRE current apartment. and it’s only gonna take about ten extra minutes for me to get to work in the morning!

so this week we move out. we’re gonna start collecting stuff around the house and taking it up a few pieces at a time over the weekend, and then on the 27th we move the big stuff. we are very lucky in the fact that we have access now, but aren’t paying rent until the 1st. can you believe it? two free weeks of overlap! this will be so much better than our last move, when we were literally moving stuff out until 11:58 pm on the last day of our lease. the people moving in after us were waiting in the hallway with their furniture when we left. it was beautiful.

by the way, if you happen to be in New York and would be willing to help us move, we will happily repay you with pizza and beer 🙂

anyway, i can’t wait to show you all the place: it makes me very happy. it’s gonna look a little funny at first, ’cause we have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO furniture, but it’s my home now and i’m excited.

three cheers for not being homeless!!!!

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