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it’s so sad, part ii

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2006 at 7:59 pm
i love what myspace has done for me in my life: there are people that i am in contact with who i would not be in contact with at all if not for myspace. many people from high school, classmates from college: people i barely knew in school who i now talk with on a regular basis, and other who i should have stayed in better contact with but didn’t, and thanks to this site i have a direct link to them.

however, this site just plain drives me crazy sometimes. everytime it glitches out for some reason or other, my heart stops. i once couldn’t log in for an entire day, and i spent the better part of that day thinking my profile had been deleted because i’d made a very bad joke on someone’s page. two weeks ago i had a friend missing from my top 12, and i spent five minutes trying to figure out what i did to make her delete me before i refreshed the page and found her right where she belonged. today i can’t look at my best friend’s profile because his page is private, and you have to be his friend to view it. oh i’m still his friend, but apparently in the world of myspace tech support, the states of being that are classified as “being friends” and “not being friends” are not mutually exclusive. it would appear that there is some grey space in the middle.

so i ask myself, why don’t i just pick up the phone and call these people instead of leaving them a comment on their page? why don’t i write them an e-mail? why don’t i contact them on AIM? fuck if i know, man.

personally, i’m a little glad that the site has these issues so inconsistently. if they were consistent, everyone would just stop using the site and find some other method of communication. if the site worked perfectly, people would never use any other form, and would be completely shut off from the outside world.

personally, the latter worries me to no end. if we didn’t need any other form of communication than myspace, what would we do when it eventually had some form mishap? a server crashes. there’s a blackout in the northeast. someone hacks your account and deletes your information. what the hell would you do if you ONLY spoke to people with myspace? you would have nothing.

my point is that i am making a conscious effort to use this as a utility, a means instead of an end. i don’t see that happening any time soon, of course: if you know me, you know how much i hate the phone. but here’s to a valiant effort!

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