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belated thanks

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2006 at 5:13 pm
well the cold finally showed up in town today. after weeks of very strange weather (60 degrees on thanksgiving?!? it’s colder in dallas!), i can now safely assume that it’s going to be very fucking cold for the next couple months. i was actually kinda glad to see it, because i now don’t have to think as much when i get dressed in the morning. it’s a lot easier to decide what to wear when your options are thick coat or really thick coat, as opposed to light jacket or slightly thicker hoodie? (those of you in texas who are wondering what’s the big deal, remember that it’s a pretty big fucking deal when you’re waiting on the train platform at midnite, and the only heat is from the homeless person pissing in the corner)

speaking of trains, i was reminded this morning of something i’m very thankful for this year: the fact that there’s not a transit strike causing me to have to walk to and from work. i was walking across town to get to the office, and i thought “man, it’s cold. good thing i don’t have to walk too far. i’d hate to have to walk more than the mile to and from the office every day. oh wait, I HAVE!!!” how could i forget having to walk home from the office last winter, a distance of over five miles, because the transit workers union shut down the city during a three day strike which stranded millions on their way to and from work (including me), and was officially declared illegal by the city.

well thankfully, i don’t have to deal with that this year, and my fellow new yorkers should be thankful as well. as a matter of fact, i think we should all take the time to thank our friendly neighborhood TWU members. so, the next time you run into one, why not thank him or her for not striking this year? and while you’re at it, ask them how they’re enjoying the 8% raise they received this year. then i suggest spitting on them. yeah, i know: it’s a little rude, but you know what? since the strike last year succeeded in not allowing their retirement age to be raised, they should only have about twenty years left of enduring you picking on them before they retire. just in time for another transit strike.

oh yeah. almost forgot: fuck you, TWU. have a nice day.

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