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Robert Altman: 1925-2006

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about six years ago, there was a film shot in Dallas called “Dr T and the Women”. it was a comedy about a wealthy gynecologist who caters to the well-to-do women of Dallas (and if you’ve ever been to Dallas, you know there are a lot of them). it was a low budget film, which was evidenced by the fact that a) they actually shot in Dallas, a city so notoriously rude to film companies that any production with a budget will go out of its way to NOT film there; and b) for some of the smaller parts of rich women in the doctor’s office, they actually had the actresses bring in their own “wealthy looking” articles of clothing to wear for the shoot.

this film was directed by Robert Altman, who, i’m sad to say, passed away last night at the age of 81. he was an interesting talented man, and my mother was lucky enough to work with him on the production of “Dr T”, and she told me a story about him once, which i will now share with you.

the sets for Dr T, many of which were offices and various landmarks in dallas, as well as some of the sound stages in the city, were teaming with a very large population of the Dallas film community (this is much how i picture the sets of Prison Break are nowadays). among this managerie of actors and actresses are such women as my mother, and a friend of hers, whom we will call “Ann”.

my mother and Ann are standing around talking, getting ready for the shoot, etc., and Robert Altman enters the room. he’s already quite old (75), but moving around well for his age. from across the room, he spots my mom’s friend and immediately perks up. “Ann!” he yells out into the crowded room. “Thanks for the pot!”

so there you go: Robert Altman was a pot head. my kind of director.

may he rest in peace.

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