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my brain is rotting

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2006 at 5:03 pm
i watch the news in the morning before i go to work. it makes me feel like i’m somewhat informed in what’s going on in the world. granted, it’s nothing particularly exciting, considering the fact that i’m watching CNN Headline News (which i only watch because i think Robin Meade is hot). i pair that up with watching the Daily Show every night, and suddenly i’m “informed”.

that fact was driven home this morning while i was watching the weather. there’s a blizzard in Colorado right now, and they were showing the radar of the storm as it moved around Denver. sadly, there was a moment when i had to think about which state was Colorado (the only reason i was positive was that they had Denver labeled on the map). i’m standing there, watching, trying to confirm in my head which one was Colorado, when i say to myself, “oh, of course that’s Colorado, because the one above it is…” and i blanked. i could not remember what state is northeast of Colorado.

think about it. if you’re already busy calling me an idiot, then good for you. but those of you who still haven’t gotten it (and haven’t jumped to google yet), you can understand how frustrating that was. it got worse when i looked to the east, and couldn’t remember which state was Kansas, and which was Nebraska. i like to think that i would have known right away if not for the fact that my confidence had already been shot by the absence of the cowboy state from my memory, but there’s just no telling. no wonder we still use the electoral college instead of a majority vote: the majority of Americans can be kinda stupid sometimes.

i hope the good people of Wyoming will someday forgive me. i don’t really care what Nebraska thinks: at least they get to be on top.

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