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In Uncategorized on October 19, 2006 at 9:14 pm
i’m supposed to be writing something right now. my roommate wanted to do dialogue exercises with me. he basically wanted to get into the habit of doing something related to the arts, perhaps in the process honing our skills as creatives. i being a creature of habit, it’s a goo thing for me to do, because the more frequently i write, the more likely i am the just jump in and write something when i get an idea, instead of just writing down the idea and forgetting about it.

of course, sinse i am a creature of habit, that also means that i already have a nasty habit of procrastinating, i.e. writing blogs and loking at people’s myspace pages instead of writing the plays and movies and stories and poems that are boiling around in my head.

so i’m supposed to be writing a scene with two people at an outside table. that’s it. the most that i’ve written of it so far is WRITING DOWN THE ASSIGNMENT. i’m supposed to be done by saturday. that’s right kids: just like in college.


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