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okay. here we go again.

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2006 at 11:00 pm
the time has come for you to make a decision: you can either a) ignore my requests on behalf of my friend astronautalis to come see his show on Friday, or b) take my word for it and come watch one of the most talented people I know do his shit in a solid venue.

personally, i think the decision is simple, but what do i know? either way, if you’re not at Pianos on Friday, you’re dead to me.

eh, not really, but it sounds good, right? it was nice and threatening, right? right?

oh well. the show is Friday at 8 pm. it’s at Pianos (158 Ludlow @ Stanton, F or V to 2nd Ave. / Houston, JMZ or F to Delancey / Essex) $8 to get in, 21 and up.

here’s a show he played last year that i found on YouTube. i believe it was actually a ska prom, whatever the hell that means.

i hope to see you all there – don’t be late!!!


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