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In Uncategorized on September 18, 2006 at 11:17 pm
it’s a pretty simple question: do you not like making money?

i know what you’re thinking: of you like money. it’s green, pretty, and it pays your bills (although not your interns). it lets you have that nifty set in times square, and all those cool awards shows.

so why don’t you like making it? you barely play music videos any more, which are basically free money (free content + limited production costs for VJs + advertising dollars = $$$$). you burn money on low brow content like my super sweet sixteen or whatever the hell it’s called. but those atrocities can be forgiven.

however, there is no excuse for your complete lackof devotion to the DVD medium. why is The Head not on DVD? what about The Maxx? why did it take until this year to have Aeon Flux released? and for Christ’s Sake, why can we NOT BUY THE STATE?!?

jesus, man. go to YouTube. search for The Head MTV. watch how brilliant that show was. search for The State. see how many THOUSANDS of people have watch what’s been uploaded. and for the real clincher, search for The Maxx. you can watch the ENTIRE SERIES on YouTube. for free. they’ve even been lettered so that you can watch them in order.

i mean come on. you’re LOSING MONEY. lots of it.

please: put out MTV’s Oddities on DVD. generation Y is begging you.

sincerely, everyone who grew up watching your worthless but brilliant network.

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