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is anyone actually surprised? Category: News and Politics

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2006 at 5:12 pm
the news broke this morning that John Mark Karr was not liked by DNA evidence to the JonBennet Ramsey crime scene, and was therefor no longer a suspect in the murder. apparently, once you combine the fact that his family had strong evidence that he was NOT IN BOULDER during the murder with concrete DNA evidence, his confession – which was going to get thrown out anyway because it was a) made on television, b) made without the prescence / counsel of a lawyer, c) made in a foreign country, and d) full of holes and dramatic liberties – just ain’t enough to charge him with this crime.

now i must take a moment and ask: is anyone surprised? i will freely admit that this guy is a complete freak – he’s on his way to being extradited to California for possession of child pornography. however, he is not the CORRECT freak in this case. he is a sick, sick man – a man who likes to fantasize about little girls has quite likely imagined being the man who killed JonBennet more than all of us combined, but he’s still just a sick fuck who wanted some attention and a free business class ticket from Thailand to LA.

so he goes to LA now. yes, he’ll probably go to jail. depending on how he’s charged, he could spend the next 5 to 10 years in prison, maybe more, but who’s to say if he will be deemed fit to stand trial? ’cause let’s be honest: this guy is bat shit crazy. maybe he’s not completely crazy, since his family made sure to sell the book and film rights to his story before the charges were dropped, and since he also made a point of not submitting to a DNA test before he was extradited to LA (he was requested to take the test twice before reaching Boulder), but he’s still crazy in a “i like to fuck six-year-old girls” sort of way, which is pretty fucking crazy.

whatever. when he gets back to LA, he’s gonna have some Echo Park boys up his ass with a shank in a New York Minute. he’ll be lucky if he makes it to Christmas without his balls getting flushed down a toilet.

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