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So apparently MTV turns 25 today. However, MTV isn’t very blatantly acknowledging this fact. The network isn’t putting any special programs or crawls on the bottom of the screen to celebrate 25 years of one of the most important television channels ever created (I guess they don’t have room between the scommercials for the VMAs and repeats of Real World / Road Rules Challenge and the MTV Movie Awards). They do have a couple links on their website, but nothing too exciting.

Apparently, due to the steady decrease in the average age of MTV viewers (how many people do you know over the age of 14 that watch MTV?), the network doesn’t want to remind it’s core audience that they are half as old as the network! I myself was barely crawling around on the floor when the station began, but I did grow up next to my brother, a true child of the 80s, and I’ve probably logged more hours in front of that channel than than most of you have been out of diapers.

Jesus, I sound like some old kook on some porch in the south. “Back in my day, MTV actually played music videos… And we had to watch it on a 13” television… Without stereo!!! And dammit, we were lucky to have that!”

And those videos back then, now that was art! This right here, kids, was where it all began:

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