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A doctor and two nurses were arrested Tuesday in Baton Rouge, amid accusations of homicide during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The three were working in New Orleans’ Memorial Medical Center after a majority of the patients had been evacuated via boat during the flooding. Those remaining were in varying levels of sickness, some of whom were over 90, or weighing 300 pounds and paralyzed. They are accused of administering lethal doses of pain killers to four different individuals, a suspicion that had been percolating for some time after the incidents in New Orleans. The three women have been released without bail, but the information collected in the inquiry has been turned over to a grand jury, and the arrest warrant used to bring them in accuses them of second-degree murder.

I’m not even gonna pretend to know what happened in that hospital, or what state the patients were in that the doctor felt it was necessary and prudent to end their lives. However, I do know that if the evacuations were not continuing on the scale that was necessary to safely remove 61-year-old man weighing 380 pounds, then you need to ask yourself what is a better way for this individual to die: slipping into a coma and dying from a morphine and sedative overdose, or the slow and painful wait for help before you drown?

In case you forgot about it, here’s what was happening at the time these patients died:

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