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In Uncategorized on June 26, 2006 at 4:21 pm
i’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this, because i’m sure you’ve all heard this at least a dozen times already (unless, of course, you don’t watch any TV other than Fox News, in which case… why are you my friend, again?): go see “an inconvenient truth”. don’t think about it, don’t say you’ll see it later, don’t say you’re not really in the mood: just see it. if you can’t afford to see it, download it: i’m sure you all know how to use Limewire or Bittorrent, and if you don’t, i’ll teach you. if you can’t download it, buy the bootleg: i’m sure at least half of you have walked by it sitting on a blanket on the sidewalk at some point. whatever you have to do, see this movie, then make your friends see it, make your parents see it, make your grandparents see it, make your children see it. this movie is Important (yes, that’s important with a capital I).

yes, it is a little dry. yes, it is a little slow. and yes, it is a documentary about a powerpoint presentation. but damn it, those are all moot points once you sit down and watch the movie. it is easily one of the most frightening movies you will ever see, and not because it has thrills, blood, gore, or any other movie trickery designed to make you either crap your pants or lose your lunch. it is scary because of one simple fact: it represents a true, immediate, and possibly fatal threat to something very important to us all, our planet. i was raised by liberal parents, i went to open-minded schools, and i like to think i’m well educated, but i had no idea how profound the effects of global warming already are. within the first ten minutes of this movie, you will see more proof global warming exists than you will ever need. enough to dispell and thought you ever had that it was all a hoax developed by the liberal media.

i will happily answer criticisms of this movie. it is not perfect. critics have said that the film is preaching to the choir, and, like “fahrenheit 9/11”, can’t convert anyone to believing the world is going to end (at least, not at our hands), and these critics are right. like christianity, the message of this movie cannot convert non-believers on it’s own: 50 million americans voted against al gore in 2000, and they’re not going to just run out and see this movie unless someone convinces them to. we must be missionaries for this film. anyone who claims to care about this planet should make everyone they know see this film, or, if nothing else, go to and see what you can do to help.

thank you, my friends. this means a lot to us all.

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