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warning: this is much more geekish than normal

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2006 at 11:11 pm
so i was really bored last night, and since I didn’t really feel like putting any effort into entertaining myself while i couldn’t sleep, i put on Adult Swim for the first time since before they were even talking about resurrecting the Family Guy. It was a strange experience, for numerous reasons. I got to watch Futurama (which always seems to be an episode i’ve seen, even though i only watched it for half of the seasons it was on the air) and I got to watch Family Guy (which was an episode I hadn’tseen, which is always strange in syndication).And then there was Korgoth of Barbaria.

wow. easily the strangest show i’ve seen in a long time. it was like the bastard child of He-Man and Heavy Metal, illustrated by the guy that did The Head from MTV’s Oddities (and if you’ve never seen The Head, you should cry a couple tears for yourself, then write your local congressman / MTV executive to get them to put it out on DVD: and show that features a man with an alien living inside his head that like to pop out of his forhead, either to battle evil aliens or embarass him in front of a girl is okay in my book).

Now here’s the thing: those shows were fun. I laughed. I watched robot chicken after that: that was fun, too. Then I had to watch Aqua Teen. And then Minoriteam. and then it’s just not worth mentioning. I found myself staring in disbelief that the shows were this bad. I couldn’t even imaging why anyone in their right mind would want to watch these shows.

And then it occurred to me: no one would. I am now fimly convinced that the schedule was planned around people’s smoking habits: the more solid, story driven shows up front, and the weirder, mind-fucking, stoner-bait at the end. I almost wished I was high, just so i could see what the burn-outs were going through and enjoying at that time.

at least i hope they were. then at least somebody would find it funny.

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