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Good Music This Weekend

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2006 at 10:27 pm
For those of you in New York for Memorial Day Weekend, You will be treated to a couple of good shows if you take your lazy ass out of the house and trek downtown:

Saturday, May 27, 11pm, Snitch
59 W 21st St. b/n 5th and 6th, New York, NY 10011
FV to 23rd St.

Silent P FIRST SHOW EVER!!! This is beginning, kids! You can tell your grandchildren that you were there for the first ever performance by Silent P! And when they’re fabulously successful, or when they crash and burn like all great bands do, you can tell people you knew them when they were nothing! (J, M, M – don’t take it personally: I’m just trying to build hype and excitement.)

Monday, May 29th, 8pm, Sin-e
150 Attorney St. at Stanton, NEW YORK, NY 10003
JMZ to Essex St., F to 2nd Ave. or Delancey

Astronautalis For those of you who missed him last time he was in town, which is… yeah, pretty much all of you, this is a good friend of mine who puts on a damn good show. I don’t care what kind of music you like, you’ll have fun at this show.

Come see him or I’ll kill puppies. Lots of them. One for every one of you who doesn’t show up.

See you this weekend!


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