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he defeated cancer AND the beatles! what can’t steve jobs do?

In Entertainment, Music, Technology on May 8, 2006 at 4:38 pm

It’s official: Apple Computers has won its case against Apple Corps Records. In case you weren’t aware, Apple Corps, the record company owned by the former Beatles and their families had sued Apple Computers for violating a 1991 agreement in which they said they would not use the Apple logo to sell music, thus infringing on Apple Corps’ Trademark. Apple Corps agreed at the same time to never sell computer products. They then sued Apple Computers because the iTunes music store allegedly violated that agreement.

Well, this morning, a London Judge ruled that the iTunes store utilizes the Apple logo in relation to the information portal that is the store, not the actual music. As I understand it, the iTunes store sells packets of information, and the record labels are the actual vendors of the intellectual property. Or something like that. I guess since Apple isn’t actually producing and distributing music, they’re in the clear.

However, this does raise some interesting questions about the music industry and intellectual property, however the most important question is this:If the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, and Steve Jobs has defeated the Beatles, what does that say about Steve Jobs?

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