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best. april. fools. EVER.

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2006 at 5:57 am
i’m totally gonna have a lot of people hate me soon, which is why i have yet to go anywhere near the theatre lately, but in the very astute words mr. mike james, i am a prick… i just had to do it.

so saturday was my last day at the theatre, as you probably know, and this date was pretty much chosen arbitrarily. I was desperate to quit, but i was waiting for my favorite manager to come back into town so that i didn’t quit while he was on vacation. so as soon as i saw him upon his return, i quit. two weeks, straight out, done. which made my last day saturday, April 1st.

then my brain started cooking: hmmmm… april 1st, have to do something for that…

so, i decided that i would’t talk to people about my quitting. I would just wait, keep it quiet, and then only really acknowledge it until the 1st. then, i would laugh, say april fools, and tell them i wasn’t quitting. pretty simple, huh?

yeah, i know, it’s not that funny. but here’s where is gets good: my favorite manager, the one i waited to quit to, agreed to back up my story, so that EVERYONE thinks i’m not quitting. this even includes… the HR manager. yes, the HR manager thinks I didn’t actually quit.

seriously, it couldn’t have worked out better: i didn’t even have to tell people it was a joke: half the people that saw the sign i put up about quitting thought it was a joke, before i even talked to them. oh god, it was beautiful.

i can’t wait till i go back to the theatre and have people yell at me. I just keep hoping that there are people asking periodically, “when does noah come back into town?”

“what are you talking about? noah quit.”

oooooohhhhh… i can’t wait. i’m gonna get my ass kicked.


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