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can’t the subway stations be climate controlled, too?

In Gripes, Life on February 28, 2006 at 6:28 pm
As I was bundling up this morning to step outside and endure the sub-freezing New York weather, just as I have every day for the past week, I happened to cruise by the television where, between the non-stop coverage of Mardi Gras ’06, the weather man had taken a moment to breakdown the after-effects of the cold front that just swept east; Today’s high in Dallas: 74. Tomorrow’s high: 80.

I hope all my friends and family back home are enjoying the lovely weather as you prance about in shorts and t-shirts, drinking ice tea, having water gun fights, and eating ice cream while you wonder when Hurricane Harbor opens.

Meanwhile, I’m going to get another blanket and sit next to my space heater.


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