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Happy New Year!

In Life on January 3, 2006 at 7:27 pm
New Years Checklist:

  1. Start drinking alcohol really early.
  2. Don’t eat anything to offset said alcohol.
  3. Be drunk before you get to the party.
  4. Correction: be drunk before you leave for the party.
  5. Have the first conversation with your ex-wife in over a year.
  6. Spend half of party having said conversation.
  7. Don’t bother talking to anyone else.
  8. Fall down the stairs.
  9. Drop your camera.
  10. Throw up.
  11. Fall down the stairs again.
  12. Drop your camera again (let it break this time).
  13. Oh yeah, midnight.
  14. Throw up again.
  15. Help your friend commit a misdemeanor.
  16. Be greedy: take your booze home with you.
  17. Go to another party (but wait for the cops to make you).
  18. Leave said party very quickly.
  19. Throw up again.
  20. Wait half an hour for a train to take you 2 stops.
  21. Throw up yet again.
  22. Feel lucky you don’t have to work the next morning.
  23. Eat Taco Bell for breakfast.
  24. Remember you didn’t call anyone at midnight.
  25. Don’t remember much of anything else.

It’s already a great year!!!

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