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In Life on December 9, 2005 at 10:15 pm
It occurred to me yesterday that I have had a pretty damn good week.

FIRST: my roommate and I FINALLY moved into our new apartment, so not only am I not homeless, I now have my name on a lease for the first time since I moved to New York over two years ago.

SECOND: After first thinking that one of my friends had managed to leave a $700 piece of equipment out on the street during the move, thus allowing any old hipster/thug/journeyman to wander by and steal it, my good friend Letha managed to find it, safely stashed inside her apartment.

THIRD: My theatre hosted what could have been the biggest cluster-fuck since Katrina hit New Orleans on Monday, the world premiere of “King Kong”, and not only did it not fuck up, it was smoother than a baby’s ass. So smooth, in fact, that my roommate and I were invited to the after party by the promoters. We then managed to sneak into the VIP section, where I proceeded to have a two hour long geek-orgasm. And it had an open bar, to boot.

FOURTH: I spent the next two nights drinking with my co-workers from my new job – who are all just a great bunch of people that know how to throw back a drink – the second of which was the office’s “Non-Christmas Party” Party, which consisted of everybody from the office knocking back drinks faster than you can say “open bar”.
Oh yeah, and some of them are kinda hot.

FIFTH: I also found out, on top of all that fun, that the woman I’m filling in for at my new job will be out for what looks like another six weeks, which means I don’t have to worry about finding another job until February!

In the immortal words of Coke: Life is Good.

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