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Dennis & Heather

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Dennis and Heather
by Noah Hougland

Dennis and Heather were lovers together,

A sight they showed often to others.

Morning and night they relished the sight

Of the privates they hid under covers.

One day in Spring, while having a fling,
Dennis loved her with all of his soul.

But his passionate kiss was met with a fist

When he slipped up and called her Nicole.

Much to his dismay, the following day,
After leaving his friends at a bar,

He was shocked to discover his sweet, demure lover

Had painted rude things on his car.

Shortly thereafter, amid fits of laughter,
While playing around on his mac,

He spent four whole nights at dif’rent web sights

Posting films that they made in the sack.

Much to his delight, they made up one night

And had dinner at a candle-lit table.

But she neglected to mention her evil intentions,

For the “meat balls” were from her cat Sable.

A stomach pump later, he did her a favor,
For he figured she must really miss him.

So, to make her feel better, he sent some love letters

With her picture

………………… convicts

……………………………… prison.

Dennis and Heather were lovers together,

But they now save their privates for others.

If there’s one thing to take from all their mistakes,

It’s be careful what’s said under covers.

(c) 2002, Noah Hougland

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